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Exciting News!

Here's whats happening at HQ.

Starting June, we're making a bold move towards sustainability and ethical sourcing by exclusively offering Tigernut milk as our alternative milk choice! Want to learn more about Madame Tiger and the great things they are doing, head to their website 

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Where every bite and sip is a journey of flavours, crafted with love and a dash of nostalgia.

Discover a world of deliciousness at HQ! From the caffeine kick by our pals at Little Rebel Coffee Roaster in Dromana to the in-house blended Caravan Chai, we've got your beverage cravings sorted. Save room for our homemade baked sweet treats and the guilt-free indulgence of Horribly Healthy Vegan Treats. But wait, there's more! Dive into nostalgia with our Jaffle Menu - a lineup of classics and monthly surprises. We've got all the flavours to make your taste buds dance.

Ready to treat yourself? Swing by HQ and let the feast begin!

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But wait, there's more

Explore Quality Goods at HQ's Retail Shelf

Dive into our retail haven in-store, where quality meets variety, and every shelf tells a story.

Supporting Good People: Our curated selection features goods from small businesses with heart. From rotating coffee beans to take home, the chai you adore, and mugs that make sipping an art – it's all here. Beyond the Cup: Elevate your senses with candles, embrace natural skincare, and roll into bliss with our perfume rollers. We believe in supporting others, constantly evolving, and bringing only the best to our community and visitors.

Visit our retail haven at HQ; it's not just about products, it's about stories, good people, connections, and the joy of discovery!

Retail shelf
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