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Our Story

How a collaboration of Messin With Jim & Caravan Chai gave birth Hard Livin' HQ

Welcome to Hard Livin HQ, where life's unexpected twists led us down the path of owning and operating a coffee van, built from the remnants of a $250 trailer that literally collapsed on us during its early days. With a retail background and a lack of building skills, the journey to transform this trailer into a funky, custom coffee caravan was filled with tantrums, do-overs, and countless lessons learned. Fueled by a love for all things 70's, cream, brown, and orange, the color scheme and overall vibe were clear from the start.

Endless internet research, trial and error, and generous help from Dad shaped the plan that was executed with painstaking detail. A handful of individuals played a crucial role in bringing this dream to life, and we are eternally grateful to them. You can witness the construction journey on our Insta's build highlight reel.

After seven months of intense work, our van emerged, combining the best of our efforts with a commitment to excellence. Unyielding in delivering delicious beverages and uncompromising in our caravan's build, we embarked on a mission to defy expectations of what a coffee van could be. At Hard Livin HQ, we genuinely care about every aspect of our production, taking pride in each cup that passes through our windows. When you visit us, not only do you get to savour our authentic brews, but you also witness the passion and dedication behind every sip.

For those unacquainted with our journey, we naturally birthed Caravan Chai from Messin With Jim Coffee caravan. Since 2020, our head barista and owner, Jim (Kayne), drawing on his tea background, meticulously crafted his signature chai recipe. With unwavering support from friends, family, cafes, and roasteries, our chai offerings have expanded, giving rise to Caravan Chai. More than just a beverage, it has become a rich source of knowledge, promoting, educating, and encouraging people to appreciate the unique experience that a great chai can offer.

We are Emily and Kayne (Jim), a dynamic duo with a shared love for good tea, coffee, and food. Emily, the social queen, curates most of our content, while Jim obsesses over details, making the coffee and chai. Our collaborative approach works seamlessly, and when we're not in the caravan, Emily crafts natural skincare products with Stem Wellness, and Jim tinkers with various instruments. Our joy is most complete when indulging in a variety of foods.

This is the essence of Hard Livin' HQ—a small business collective fuelled by passion, authenticity, and a commitment to delivering the best.

Cheers to good brews, great chai, and the Hard Livin' experience!

Meet The Team

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