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Our Initiative

In a world that often overlooks the wisdom and experiences of our seniors, our mission is to change that narrative. We're throwing out the invitation to our community to 'pay it forward' for our cherished elders—just grab a coffee or chai, and let's build connections and create moments of joy.

We're asking you to simply buy a coffee for a senior, paying it forward to gather funds for a special outing to our Hard Livin Head Quarters. Here, seniors can enjoy coffee, cake, chats, and connections. And guess what? This invite is extended to YOU. Come on down, get involved, and let's foster understanding and compassion while bridging generations through shared stories and laughter.

Dates for each outing will be updated to the community, by email and social media so remember to give us a follow @hardlivinhq or sign up to our mailing list. So, you can arrange your schedule, mark the day, and come down to hang out with us. Together, let's build bridges between generations, one cup and one story at a time.

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