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Welcome to Hard Livin HQ

The proud home of Messin With Jim & Caravan Chai

A collaborative space where the spirit of the 70's comes alive in our cozy cafe and community space. Step into a world of retro charm, adorned with vibrant hues and groovy decor that takes you back in time. Our laid-back atmosphere is enhanced by plush, comfy couches, creating the perfect setting for relaxation and connection.

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Messin With Jim

Coffee Caravan

A Cute & adorable 70's orange, brown & cream exterior, a funky interior with beautiful wooden bench tops and top-notch equipment. For the sole purpose of delicious coffee & chai in a cool caravan and Hard Livin' kinda vibes. 


Caravan Chai

Real Tea, Real Spices.

Caravan Chai is your wealth of knowledge to help promote, educate and encourage people to try chai and appreciate how great this awesome beverage can be when given the attention and time it deserves. 

You can purchase our delicious chai blends. 

Click here.

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